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How To Bring A Proper Balance Between Readability And SEO

Balance is an important part of our life. Whether it’s a budget or a diet plan, it should be reasonable in order to have a fulfilling experience in our life. There are various forces in the world that helps to balance our life with apt precision.

How To Bring A Proper Balance Between Readability And SEO If you want to write an effective article then you need acquire a perfect balance between the content and marketing. Search engine optimization or SEO is considered as one of the most challenging parts of the article writing. It is important to follow an algorithm in order to increase ratings of the website and article in significant manner. Along with the SEO, your article should be creative, natural and readable.

With the help of the search engine optimization, traffic of the site in increased. SEO is generally used as a marketing ploy to enhance business of the website.

In this article we will discuss about few rules to balance an article with the perfect mixture of SEO and readability. However you have to research in depth in order to know about SEO in details. Here we have enumerated few points to create a balance article with search engine optimization

Stuff the Keywords

If you are writing an article solely for search engine optimization then you should give importance on the occurrence of the keywords. The amount of the keywords should be increased in the article. Density of the keywords will be about 1% to 2%. However you have to create a natural looking article as well. Incorporation of the keywords in the article is known as keywords stuffing. If the readers find something unnatural with the article then they may not read these articles. They may look for another source for information.

Few Keywords

You should not become off focus while writing a SEO based article. If the targeted keywords are not give preference then search engine may not identify your articles. By including a natural look in the article you can make it simple and readable. However it would not be a search engine optimized articles.

Create a perfect balance in the article

It is better not to try too simple process for an article with search engine optimization. Therefore you need to decide on few things before writing an article. Keywords should be decided before hand in order to create a balance article with search engine optimization. Keywords should be included in the title of the article. You should write in a natural flow to make the article great. After writing the article you should check keyword density of the article. It should be about 1%.

Readability of the article with SEO

It is important to look after the readability of article. You should read the article aloud in order to decide on the readability of the article. If it does not sound natural then you should revise the article in order to make it more reader friendly. Readability of the article should not be sacrificed in order to make it SEO.

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